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Jungkook X Reader - Quotev.

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ ⚠️ The end of this book may be triggering ⚠️ Your a English speaking girl, age 18. You move to Seoul for studying abroad and also to hopefully. [poly maknae line x reader] jungkook wags his tail and his eyes look like truffles. jimin drinks blood out of juice boxes and bendy straws and tries to wink but ends up blinking both his eyes closed. taehyung likes the ocean and all kinds of art and apologizes to rocks. you don't know if they wa. Read One from the story shy jungkook x reader by fruityruby - with 61,199 reads. jimin, taehyung, jeonjungkook. A/N: I do not own any videos or images u. Read I Love You from the story Jungkook X Reader by Ravioli_Senpai_xx Ravi ! with 4,065 reads. fanfiction, bts, btsfanfic. Jungkooks POV I wake up with Taehy. [Jeon Jungkook X Reader] L/n Y/n's life had steered a flip when she went grocery shopping while her favorite celebrities were in there. Lady luck was on her side when she even managed to talk to one of them. But unfortunately, the balance has to be kept.

Read Jungkook x Reader One Shot! from the story BTS x Reader One Shot Collection by xXblackraven2000Xx 😍 Genji 😍 with 9,063 reads. j-hope, hoseok, suga. . Jungkook laid next to you, staring at your delicate and peaceful featured as you slept. “I never realised how beautiful you are,” Jungkook hummed quietly as he pressed his forehead against yours. He smiled and closed his eyes, sleep taking over him as he laid beside you, holding you protectively.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. 12/12/2019 · bts bts jungkook bts scenarios bts smut bts fluff bts angst bts hogwarts au bts dragon au bts imagines bts jungkook x reader bts shifter au bts hybrid au bts supernatural au bts fantasy au jungkook scenarios jungkook imagines jungkook smut jungkook angst jungkook fluff kpop kpop scenarios kpop fanfic kpop smut bts fanfic kpop. pairing: jungkook x reader genre: punk!jungkook / band au / friends-to-loverssmut words: 13,000 summary: you’re wholeheartedly, madly in love with jungkook and yet you shouldn’t be because he’s supposed to be your best friend and nothing more. worst part. bts bts x reader bts hybrid jungkook bunny bts hybrid au jungkook x reader jungkook bunny kook hybrid universe hybrid au bts smut jeon jungkook bts fanfic bts au. Sep 27, 2018. tanyaelizabet liked this. blackpetalbluemoon liked this. bts gif jungkook bts gif jungkook boyfriend jungkook fluff jungkook gif boyfriend jungkook jungkook imagine jungkook imagines jungkookimaginesss jungkook x reader jungkook x you jungkook/reader jeon jungkook jeongguk bts imagine bts imagines bts reaction jungkook reaction jungkook scenario bts scenario bts fluff jungkook fanfic bts fanfic.

Blue Bunny - Jungkook x Reader Hybrid 18 2 CHAPTER 2 - FLASHBACKS AND FACEPALMS Word count: 3,458 The Previous Night The clank of my heels echoed off of the floors as I made a steadfast stride to the exit of my office building. In which the reader reflects on times hearing those three words from Jungkook changed her life.1,630 Words----- "I've got you." Those three words. Words you didn't know how much you needed to hear until you started dating the bubbly maknae of the group. Each time you heard them, it was calming. Convincing you that. Jungkook: "Because I know my heart won't move on from you" My eyes started to fill up with tears. Drop by drop they came down. I was sitting on the bed and Jungkook knelt down and looked directly into my eyes. Jungkook: "Y/N I only left you because it was a bet and people started making fun of me because of you. I couldn't ruin my dad's.

So Good Jimin x Reader x Jungkook drabbles-about-bangtan: “ a/n: literally just smut. no plot. 2.6k words of it. i need a priest. send me to church. “Really, Kookie? Both of us?” Keep reading ”. Care Jungkook x Reader Drunk truth or dare is hardly ever a good idea. Request: Jungkook: “Well shit, i didn’t think he’d actually DO it” fluffcomedy, 1.9k words, jungkook/reader, normalverse. Breaking Hearts Jungkook X Reader A/N: I’m back guys. I’m so happy to be writing again and so excited to get feedback from you guys. Oh and its no coincident that i used the name Lee Jieun IU’s.

Jungkook, your boyfriend had finally agreed to let you meet his band members. You didn’t understand why he took so long to agree, but he definitely knew himself. He was a very jealous person, he never introduced his friends to his girlfriends because he was afraid that she might get too attached them. or worse, leave him for one of them. JungkookBTS x Reader-Boy In Luv. You were walking in school to your class, keeping your eyes ahead. Jungkook was in class at the time, gazing out the window. He suddenly saw a girl that he had been crushing on for a few weeks, and he took out his phone, texting his friend NamjoonRap Monster. bts stay and cook jungkook x reader jungkook au bts social media au bts fic bts au bts texts bts smau bts fluff bts scenarios bts imagines bts reactions bts crack au kim taehyung min yoongi kim seokjin park jimin kim namjoon jung hoseok jeon jeongguk. 630 notes. 630 notes. stay and cook jungkook x reader part 12 report her account masterlist rules for tags: 1. specify what fic 2. only via ask please don’t send me messages or ask under the posts because i get lost. bts jeon jeongguk bts au bts smau stay and cook jungkook au bts imagines bts fic jungkook x reader kim taehyung min yoongi kim seokjin park jimin jung hoseok kim namjoon bts reactions bts scenarios bts social media au bts fake texts bts texts bts funny bts crack au. 927 notes. 927 notes.

taehyung and jimin icons inspired by today’s events. reblog with snake for tae or clown for jimin 🙈. Read Jungkook x reader lemon from the story Bts one shot lemons by elenachu200 with 2,819 reads. bangtanboys, lemon, btssmut. You and jungkook were heading ho. The car was silent, every now and then Jin would try and make conversation but it would land flat. You pulled Taehyung’s coat tighter around you, having forgotten yours and being freezing but too scared to ask for Jeongguk’s.

bts stay and cook jungkook x reader jungkook au bts au bts social media au bts texts bts fic bts smau bts scenarios bts imagines bts reactions bts crack au bts fluff kim taehyung min yoongi park jimin kim seokjin kim namjoon jung hoseok jeon jeongguk. 641 notes. 641 notes. The Name Game - Jungkook x reader A/N: sorry it’s a shit title, I s2g I’ll come up with a better one. Anyway, this one’s a short 600 word drabble. Jungkook tests his baby names on you, his heavily. Jungkook x reader: Part 3 inferno-loop: “ “:Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts ” “Read Part 1 and Part. [Noodles] Jungkook x Reader. You could remember the day you met Jeongguk incredibly clearly, as if it were yesterday. You sat in the outdoor section of the little noodle café you always went to, when you heard horrible sounding screaming from up the street. Crocodile Tears - Yandere! Jungkook x reader“I mean” Y/N’s eyes slid over to see who was paying attention. When she noticed she had his attention she answered. “Why not?” Her admirer’s eyes lit up.

Jungkook x reader Day After. Summary: Taking care? of you the day after. Genre: Fluff. Jungkook woke up and you were still sleeping soundly beside him. He got up and had everything prepared and waited until the last minute to wake you up. He figured you would be tired and sore after yesterday night.

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